Why Blackstrap Molasses is a Smarter Choice than White Sugar


Did you know that white sugar, brown sugar, regular molasses and blackstrap molasses all come from the same plant? This plant is known as the sugar cane and it has to undergo many transformations until it finds its way into the aisle of our supermarkets as the sugar we all know.

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First, the sugar canes are gathered from the fields and transported to a processing facility where they are washed, cut, shredded, crushed and milled. The raw cane juice that results from milling is clarified, filtered, evaporated and boiled. Boiling the raw cane juice concentrates the raw sugar crystals which will eventually be transformed into white sugar.

After boiling the raw cane juice three times, we spin it in a centrifuge to separate the sugar crystals from what’s left. When the sugar crystals are extracted, what’s left is a dark-brown nutrient-dense syrup known as blackstrap molasses.

White sugar contains no nutrients. Consume 2 tsp or more, and you are disrupting your body’s natural state of balance. On the other hand, blackstrap molasses contains many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese. How can this be? The sugar cane is a plant with roots that extend deep into the ground to absorb many beneficial nutrients.


When you consume blackstrap molasses, you are also consuming minerals that tiny enzymes in your body depend on to be able to digest the sugar once it gets to your gut. Blackstrap molasses is a better choice because it provides minerals to help with the digestion of the sugar it contains and to keep your body from going off balance.

If sugar is consumed without minerals (white sugar), it stays in your gut longer until your body pulls the minerals it needs from its reserves. This slows down digestion and gives food plenty of time to putrefy in your gut. As a result, tiny toxic food particles can get into the bloodstream and cause problems such as allergic reactions, headaches, fatigue, mood changes, arthritis and stiffness of joints.


Next time you want to put sugar in your coffee or tea or use it in a recipe, consider trying blackstrap molasses for a change! It can also be used to make a great barbeque sauce.

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