Valerie’s mission is to educate women about foods that will allow them to age gracefully and feel their best. With her creative and mindful approach to nutrition, she seeks to transform the way we experience food in our daily lives. Valerie provides innovative solutions that make choosing the right foods easy. She believes that everyone has the ability to make empowering changes to the way they eat. With carefully designed plans and workshops, Valerie helps today’s modern woman as she navigates the path to real nutrition.


The inspiration for Healthy Glow Nutrition came from Valerie’s personal observations of the relationship that exists between our well-being and the food we eat. As a school teacher, Valerie saw how food influenced her students in the classroom and it peaked her interest. She decided to study Holistic Nutrition to learn more. It was from there that she decided she would one day open up her own practice to counsel people about the best food choices. Since making the shift to eating real foods and gaining knowledge on how the different body systems work, Valerie has come to see her body as an essential part of herself and understands the importance of nourishing it. She is also able to use her intuition to listen to what her body is trying to tell her. Valerie now wants to teach other women how to be intuitive with their bodies and how to make daily food choice to support wellness.